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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Gin Game

Most people I know don’t drink gin, and if they do, they might not be aware that the primary ingredient, in true gin, is juniper berries, which are actually great on lamb and duck breast. Anyhow, new gins arriving on the market aren’t widely publicized. So when Bloom Gin, a traditional London dry version, hit the market from G&J Greenall, who have been making spirits for two and half centuries in England, you should seriously think about it. And then there is the matter of Joanne Moore, their master distiller who makes this gin. Not many women ascend to the ranks of this position (sadly). But regardless of this anomaly, this gin is quite good. It might be unfair to say this gin has a more feminine quality than other gins; soft, slow, seductive, but it’s actually true. The light viscosity gives way to a sweetness at first, then a mild, pleasant burn which turns into a warm sweater, coating the back palette and warming you up – perfect for cold winter nights. The minimal addition of other botanicals (chamomile, honeysuckle) aid this gin, making it a cut above what’s already on store shelves. As a sipper, this is terrific, as a blender, it will raise the quality of your cocktail.
$29/750 ML – 40% Alc.

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