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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Liquid Sex

Some wines are truly ethereal experiences, elevating you beyond what you ever thought a wine could ever be. I recall the first time I had an Inniskillin Ice Wine at a wine trade event in Santa Barbara. I was blown away. Inniskillen ice wines are like liquid sex…and that’s not mere hyperbole. I’ve had many over the years (no pun intended) and the stunning balance between acidity, sweetness, viscosity, honey, caramel and just plain enjoyment are all here. Ice wine is made by leaving the grape on the vines until they freeze--naturally (fake “ice wines” are grapes placed in a freezer…what the?) so their sugars consolidate and concentrate. And, aside from Germany, few places even do it right. Inniskillen makes several varieties, but the 2008 Riesling has this beautifully tart quality adding to the mix of perfection. This is hands down one of the best wines made in Canada. Period. Yes, they are expensive. Yes you need to get some. Yes, this is, well, maybe not better than sex, but seriously just as good. Trust me; you’ll always remember your first one.
$80/375ML, Alc. 9.5%

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