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Monday, March 26, 2012

A Square Deal

Square One Organic Vodka is made from certified organic rye. At this point you might be rolling your eyes thinking, “Organic, seriously, who really cares?” Well, I can understand that…to a degree. But assimilate this information into your cranium: anything organic is going to be heaps ahead of non-organic stuff. Does that make it inherently better? No. But to find a product – like vodka – that is better AND organic is smart due to the simple truth that we in America consume far too much crap to begin with. So, always go with a more natural, pure form of something if you can. Square One does this. They also make a Basil, Cucumber and Botanical version of their vodkas. I’m more of a purist so the other versions, (infused with essences) while actually quite nice, aren’t my cup of tea, but they might be yours, and frankly the point of these is for mixed cocktails, not sitting around on your deck looking out to the Channel Islands like I do. I like a sipping vodka, a distilled spirit where I can toss in an ice cube into and enjoy it over time. There’s a clean, slightly sweet note to the vodka which fills the mouth and then quickly the nose, a mild simmering burn which needs to be mitigated (this is why it’s used in cocktails), and in fact spicy Indian food is perfect with this chilled vodka. Yes it’s 4-column distilled, blah, blah, blah. The point is taste and purity of ingredients. Well, here you’ve got both.
$35/750, Alc. 40% (80 proof)
4 Bonz – Good Dog!

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  1. Honestly,you need to try the basil iteration; 4 types of fresh basil integrated into the mix. Imagine a bloody mary(and beyond)with this?