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Monday, May 7, 2012

Three Rivers Run Through It

I grew up in California, however my wife is from Pittsburgh (Penn Hills to be exact) and though we live on the California Central Coast, I know she misses her hometown. Let me be honest, Pittsburgh is a great city filled with very nice people, but kinda crappy local wines. Dreadnought Wines in Pittsburgh (a wine shop, not a winery) has cleverly private labeled three wines (made in California by Sylvester Winery in Paso Robles as an FYI) for the true ‘Burger. “Yinzer Blanc” (Chardonnay), Redd Up Red (Cabernet Sauvignon), and Bubbles N’At (sparkling wine). No, these are not stellar wines, but the sheer joy of my wife seeing these was worth the price and they are OK sippers to boot. The Cabernet (Redd Up Red – “redd up” is to clean up) is pretty basic, lots of simple red fruit but nonetheless enjoyable. Similarly the Chardonnay (Yinzer Blanc – taken from the word “yunz” as in a group of people) is light with simple lemon notes and a nice acidity, and the Bubbles N’At (“N’at” translates literally as “and that”) is a decent little sparking wine. So really the idea trumps the wines, but the point is that this is a pretty damn cool gift for those who miss Pittsburgh, and you might keep the bottles after the wine is gone n’at. We did, yunz will too.
$45 for three 750 bottles
4 Bonz – Good Dog!

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