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Monday, July 16, 2012

Take My Gin…Please!

Rodney Dangerfield claimed he never got respect and gin, too, has a hard time getting respect, but its converts are slowly on the rise. I am a fan of gin (as I have already shown on this blog with other gins). And now a new iteration, the Greenhook Ginsmiths American Dry Gin, launched in 2012 and from Brooklyn yet, is out and ready to make more people thirst for this often misunderstood spirit. I love the sweet juniper and floral nose on this; the mouth is viscous and herbaceous, a lively controlled citrus, near mint note and an overall clean taste and this gin is, texturally, very comprehensive in the mouth, without a harsh burn. So why ignore gin? This is obviously a great mixer, but also a fine gin served neat, or, as is my preference, served on the rocks, just the gin and ice. Whatever your preference, add gin, like this Greenhook, to your spirits routine. You’ll get more respect.
$31.99/ 750 ml
4 Bonz – Good Dog!

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