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Monday, January 28, 2013

Whiskey in Beantown

Boston is a great city, known for great brews, great pubs and crappy drivers. Alright, so there’s that. But a new distillery, Bully Boy, has emerged to craft some pretty cool stuff – like their Bully Boy White Whiskey. Made from wheat and sourced from (seriously?) Maine (who knew?) this is a USDA certified organic white whiskey, an un-aged spirit actually, therefore it’s clear and lacking the caramel and wood flavors typical with things aged in, you know, wood barrels. Being an un-aged spirit you might think it’s tasteless – not so. On the plus side, and what’s different is that there’s a smooth viscosity to this, a little burn but the liquor is rounded inside the mouth – meaning it doesn’t bite you. This is clean, with near mint overtones, and it presents a cooler vibe not hot and alcoholic, medium bodied and subtle at first. Sure this would be a great spirit to use in say your favorite vodka drinks, but I always prefect a very good spirits wearing nothing but an ice cube – that way you can truly experience the nuances of what the distiller hand in mind. Keep it clean, keep it simple. Sorry, not trying to bully you.
$28/ 375 ml – Alc: 40%  BULLY BOY DISTILLERY

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