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Friday, March 22, 2013

Brandy’s Dandy but Coffee’s Quicker

Coffee is a ritual the world over. According to the April 2013 issue of Discover Magazine, the world “consumes close to 1.6 billion cups of coffee everyday.” Sadly I only add to that number by 2 cups. So when the Stone Barn Brandyworks – Red Wing Roast Coffee Liqueur arrived at my house I got more excited than a triple-shot espresso.
This coffee liqueur is a blend of El Salvadoran coffee and coffee from Yemen. Sounds intriguing right there. They infuse a house-distilled Pinot Noir brandy and pear/apple spirit with fresh roasted coffee. This liqueur relies on fruit-based alcohol, no grain spirits are used of any kind – so there’s no inherent burn. Toss in some Madagascar vanilla, cinnamon and invert the sugar to make the liqueur and voila!
This is not a viscous elixir - that oftentimes wonderful liqueur which is so thick and sticky-sweet you can use it as glue. No, this is pure coffee essence with its slightly appealing woodsy and bitter note. This is also not for coffee drinker who likes Yuban and is impressed with reality TV. Stone Barn makes potent stuff. What’s cool is that, even though coffee is the driving force, you can pick up the subtle brandy notes. This is smooth but also a packs enough flavor that it takes over your mouth, so don’t try any fancy food pairings, just enjoy the purity of coffee and brandy comingling is a beautiful brown liquid. After trying the Red Wing Roast I may switch over my morning espresso routine! STONE BARN BRANDYWORKS

$27/ 375 ml – Alc: 25%

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