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Saturday, April 20, 2013

At Cross Purposes: Cross Keys Rum

Cross Keys, a rum from Barbados, claims they have aged their rum for 5 years. But aging anything doesn’t necessarily make it better, it merely makes it older. And this rum is fine, but forgettable, a toss away which if you drank it you’d get a buzz, and if you didn’t then you’d find something else. I love rum, and attending the Taste of Rum Festival in Puerto Rico a few years back started me on this discovery. Rum is misunderstood and these guys aren’t helping. According to the very limited, and vague (I don't like vague - tells us about your product!) information on their website: “Our goal at Distiller Sales Company is to develop comprehensive corporate brand distilled spirits programs to help expand your liquor department sales and profits.” And that really sums up any thoughtful approach to this bottle of rum. It’s not bad, but the mild burn, overtly sweet oak, and candy-like citrus element of this does no favors for the rum world. Not sure what’s happening on Barbados, but if they are consuming too much of this, well, then “island time” means they won’t accomplish much of anything. Terribly amusing to me is that the president of Distiller Sales is Bruce Alvino and his bio states: “When Mr. Alvino is away from the office, he enjoys golfing.” Ah, Bruce, rather than golfing and worrying about corporate profits, try making some quality rum. Let’s “cross” our fingers they get it right in the future.
$23/ 750 ml – Alc: 40%

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