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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

I'm not normally a fan of infused spirits, nor the current trend of flavored spirits. 
I am a purest and I prefer my spirits to be unadulterated, pristine, and with the 
essences that they were created with. Don’t get me wrong, I do love cocktails, 
but I also love craft spirits neat – letting the raw aromas come through and 
having the ability to taste the nuances of the distillation and aging process. 
Having said that I was surprised I enjoyed the Hornitos Lime Shot as much as I did. 
It's cool, clean, minty, and yes, limey, and way too easy to drink. 
It's certainly drinkable on its own (though it becomes potent after a while) 
but the Hornitos Lime Shot really succeeds as a mixer. 
Using blue agave, lime and salt (as if this is an all encompassing lime shooter), 
it’s effective because, in spite of being a prefigured beverage, 
it actually tastes balanced! Have it on its own or have it handy for the 
holidays to mix your cocktails, either way it will bring a little 
uniqueness to your palate. HORNITOS
ORIGIN: Mexico
PRICE: $18 / 750 ML 

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