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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Private Life of Rum

Word association:
I say “Rum.”
You say, “Pirate!”
Maybe you say, “Jamaica, the Virgin Islands,” right?
No one ever says “Rum?” And the response is, “Oh yeah, Massachusetts.”
What the …?
Well, that particular state has entered the rum lexicon. Some may argue that rum made in the U.S. isn’t really rum, but then, why not? Rum is not limited to Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and spots like that. The Amber True American Rum from Privateer is rum from, ahem…America. Aged in whiskey and brandy barrels it starts with a nose of almond and dark citrus, it actually leans toward the flavor profile of a mild, rich scotch. Once imbibed there is sweet toasted almond, a hint of cinnamon, molasses and browned sugar. It does run a wee bit hot in the mouth, something perhaps a bit more aging could mellow out. On the back label is listed the batch that each bottle came from, in my case Batch 10. This allows you to get on their website and see the convoluted journey and blending program of your rum, because the goal here is a blended final product. Regardless, the pirate spirit has come to America, and I do like this rum so I would suggest you find yourself some of this and kick back, imagining the privateer’s who helped settled this great land. Privateer Amber Rum

ORIGIN: Massachusetts, USA
PRICE: $34.99 / 750/ml

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