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Monday, July 21, 2014

Ever More - Livermore

Cabernet Sauvignon is what people want to drink and the 2011 Concannon Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon from Livermore Valley is what I want to drink. With notes of black cherry and sweet oak, this is a lively wine, not some deep robust Cabernet, but lighter, younger, with cherry, acidity, plumb, raspberry, and a cocoa finish - nothing off putting, or needing decanting. I hate the word “juicy” as a wine descriptor because it’s overused and frankly a rather meaningless term, but drinking this wine is actually like taking a bite into a ripe piece of fruit and the juices explode and run down your mouth (and in my case on my shirt). In short, there’s nothing pretentious about this very drinkable Cabernet. It’s a slight bummer this is a limited wine, only 300 cases (3,600 bottles) and it’s only available at the winery. Well, OK. Actually a visit to Concannon is a good idea as I included them on my list of the “25 Most Awesome Wine Tasting Rooms in California” list for – so right there you have a motivation to check it out. This is that Cabernet Sauvignon that most people hope for - easy, fun, drinks like water, not tough to love. CONCANNON

ORIGIN: Livermore Valley, California
PRICE: $34 / 750ML
ALCOHOL: 13.8%

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