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Monday, September 15, 2014

How Sweet It Is! Port for the People.

There’s an old saying that people talk dry but drink sweet – meaning they secretly drink sweet wines but are embarrassed to admit it. I love sweet wines and frankly there are some terrific versions out there; late harvest, Ports, fortified wines. My frustration with some winemakers is that they are adamantly opposed to sweet wines, believing they are one trick ponies, simplistic tedious wines not worthy of their efforts. I beg to differ. First off, it’s not the place of winemakers, nor wine writers to suggest a style of wine, or type of wine is somehow inferior. I firmly believe there is a place for all wines (as long as they’re made well, of course). The best sweet wines can be terribly expensive - cheap-o versions are akin to cough syrup, so what to do? Easy, try Graham’s Six Grapes. Graham’s has been a Port player since 1820 and since most vintage Port is pricy, they crafted this everyday sweetie, which frankly does the job admirably. With candied cherry and raspberry, nutmeg and clove, and a nice little acidity, this is one of those wines where you’ll realize you’ve had a lot in a little bit of time. It’s balanced and perfect for after dinner and you can find this most everywhere. Chill it down just a touch then sit back and admit it - you like sweet wines.
ORIGIN: Portugal
PRICE: $18/ 750ML
ALCOHOL: 19.5%

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