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Monday, April 6, 2015

The Wisdom of Solomon: Pinot Noir, Biblical Style

I love getting excited by wine and, since I have a lot of wine in my life as a professional wine writer and wine judge, I don’t get excited by a lot of what I sample (sadly). But then I stumbled across a cool little number, in this case the 2012 Solomon Hills Pinot Noir from Rusack Vineyards, in Santa Barbara - one of those wines that stopped me in my tracks. There are beautiful mature fruits of blackberry, black cherry, pomegranate and plum with a slight cola and a mild acidity. Seamlessly it pervades the palate and is as gentle as the Solomon Hills themselves (that you can see from Highway 101 in Santa Maria), which I have actually harvested under the tutelage of Norm Yost of Flying Goat Cellars, (another terrific Pinot Noir producer) yet with an under-carriage of strength and firmness. This wine offers one of those great treats; it’s so good you drink too much of it too quickly and too late to realize the bottle is empty. It also has that indescribable element - that can’t put your finger on why something is so compelling. Aged for just 11 months and limited to a mere 240 cases, this is a keeper, a wine to enjoy throughout the year, one that will remind you why Pinot Noir can be so elusive, enjoyable, and enigmatic. RUSACK
ORIGIN: Solomon Hills, Santa Maria Valley, Santa Barbara
PRICE: $45 / 750/ml
ALCOHOL: 14.1%

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