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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Shake It Off!! The Pourers Gonna Pour, Pour, Pour.

The craft cocktail movement is flooding the country. It’s one this to have a bartender do it all for you, but more and more people are assembling their own bars at home. Key to any and all of them is a shaker in which to meld that cocktail so it’s just right. I have a metal one at my house, and it works just fine. But there’s a new iteration coming to market, Shaker 33 and it’s aiming to have you replace your old shaker. I have a prototype, a clear plastic one (they are also available in black, frosted and steel but I much prefer to see my booze clearly) which is three parts. The long body, the snap in strainer, and the lid which also has a snap lock and silicon seal around it so nothing will spill out. I know this for certain as I shook it vigorously and held it upside down looking for any leaking, since no one wants a mess to contend with. The other nice thing about Shaker33 is that given it’s elongated body, it’s much easier to hold and shake with just one hand. Every house needs a shaker, even if your cocktails are infrequent, and the Shaker33 might just get you motivated enough to make even more cocktails. Shaker 33 has a Kickstarter campaign and it won’t be for sale on their website during the campaign but pledging bucks to fund the Kickstarter will get you a Shaker, (black, clear, or frosted) in a display box and a free cocktail recipe book. So check it out, shake it up and pour yourself a well deserved drink. SHAKER33

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