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Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Bible (as Written By the Apostle Karen) says the word bible refers to “the sacred writings of any religion.” So if wine is your religion, as it is mine (can I get an amen?), then the 2nd Edition of The Wine Bible belongs on your shelf next to, say, The Beer Bible, um, or that other book. Karen MacNeil has assembled the single most comprehensive look at the world of wine, and I do mean the world. Containing tons of photos, wine terminology, pithy quotes and just plain practical information, if you are looking to broaden your knowledge of wine, this is really a must-have book. And the great thing about this bible is that it doesn’t judge rum, Scotch or wage war on that most Philistine of booze, Bud Light (though certain beers are going to hell). Just like the other bible, this one isn’t perfect - personally I’d like to see a broader portrayal of the lovely Swiss wine industry – but you’ll learn about Slovenia, Greece, Austria and other places you probably didn’t know made wine. Of course, no book can take the place of learning in practical terms – you need to taste, try, sample, and swallow everything. Go and visit wine regions, perhaps ones close to home that you’ve never visited. Wine is not merely a beverage; it is a way of life – a living history whereby you learn about different cultures. I’ve been beyond fortunate as a wine writer to visit and taste in places like Crete, Nova Scotia, Austria, Canada, the aforementioned Switzerland, Baja, the Loire and many others and through that I understand more about my world. So get this book, a bottle of wine, and start your discoveries
The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil
Workman Publishing
Paperback - $24.95, 996 pages

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