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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Piemonte, Pecchenino & 90 Points

Italy. Dolcetto. Kinda makes a lot of sense. As a counterpoint to far too many high energy, robust red wines from California with aggressive fruit and high alcohol, may I present the subdued San Luigi Dolcetto from Pecchenino, a fourth generation wine family in the Piemonte region. Wine is meant to be consumed with food and the breadth of this wine was on display when I used it with a habanero bbq pork and Swiss fondue. Ah yes, a food wine - that’s a novel concept thee days. Yes this Dolcetto has minimal oak aging but it offers subdued black cherry, blueberry a slight raisin/prune note, rhubarb compote, lanolin, resin and cedar – frankly a bevy of layered flavors designed to work with your meal, whatever that might be. The tannins are soft, yet firm, there is a slight acidity and all this adds up to be a terrific value.

ORIGIN: Dogliani, Piemonte, Italy
PRICE: $22/ 750ML

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