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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sapporo: Black is the New Black

Sapporo started making beer in 1876 in Japan, the same time Budweiser launched in the U.S., so there is a long history to Japanese beers. But Sapporo has rarely launched new beers and after 50 years in the U.S market they decided to hit the market with a new beer - Sapporo Premium Black. Sold in 22-ounce cans and at just 5% ABV, this new beer uses both hops and barley to create an initial foamy, thick head and deep rich chocolate brown color. It drinks smooth and offers up aromas roasted dark malt, chocolate black coffee with wisps of resin and molasses. Though it has some girth, it is not heavy handed and bitter, therefore it will work with a variety of foods including blackened/Cajun seasoned meats, burgers of course, smoked ham, wild boar pizza, well a host of things actually. Time to check it out.

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