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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Coming At You Like a Dark Horse

As a wine writer I’m fortunate to have tasted many incredible wines including expensive bottles as well as rare and unavailable - most recently Bollinger 1914 Champagne, Dow 1970 Vintage Port, 1975 Georges de Latour, etc. But wine is not just for the elite, the few who can afford it (well, to be honest, some of it is), it is a beverage, an agricultural product that is meant to be consumed, which is why just over 90% of all wine is consumed the day it is purchased. The majority of wines are inexpensive and a small majority of those are inexpensive but really good for the price. Case in point – DarkHorse 2016 Rose’. Though mass produced, Dark Horse is a blend of 48% Grenache, 16% Barbera, 13% Pinot Gris, 12% Tempranillo, and 11% “other varieties,” and it offers strawberry, and plum, Bing cherry, with a wisp of smoked paprika, and lime meringue. It’s not a complex wine, but not all wines are meant to be complex, just like not every burger you get is the mist killer burger ever. So this summer, may you get to sample some cool wines you may not typically have the chance to do, but may you also find wines like Dark Horse, which can be in your stable of weekly wines to drink at home.
ORIGIN: California
PRICE: $9/ 750ML

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