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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Is There a Doctor in the Winery?

I visited Germany a while back with a group of wine writers and we were there to immerse ourselves in Germany’s best known wine: Riesling. I love Riesling, a terribly underappreciated grape because many American winemakers and wine drinkers have never sampled it at the source – i.e.; the true holy grail of the grape - Germany. First off, Germany Rieslings are made in a variety of styles: you’ve got bone dry versions, mildly sweet versions, sweet, and what can only be described as coma-inducing rich-sweet which are stunning. OK, long intro into what you can buy here in the Finger Lakes region of New York (yes, a viable wine region) which is – the Dr. Konstantin Frank 2011 Dry Riesling. Though Dr. Frank was originally from Russia,  he helped put the Finger Lakes on the map and this is the closest you’re gonna get to a true German style here in America. Light, clean, with some minerality, lemon, and apple and a wisp of peach on the backend, this is Riesling made for food and with a responsible acidity. You may ask, what is “responsible acidity?” Wines with a balanced acidity work best with food. Many wines have little to no acids in them so they taste flabby, flat, innocuous. Who needs that? Wine and food are companions; two little kids skipping across your plate. Try this Riesling with lunch, dinner, even breakfast (hell I don’t care) and you’ll begin to understand the beauty of Riesling. Trust me, the Doctor knows what to prescribe. Dr. Frank Wines
$15/ 750 ml – Alc: 11.7%
4 Bonz – Good Dog!

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