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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mai Tai One On

It's easy to equate the Mai Tai with Waikiki and the tropical cocktail is ubiquitous around the Islands and unfortunately it has little respect precisely because most mai tais taste pretty crappy - all sweet and no substance. Therefore I have been on a search every time I visit Hawaii to find the absolute best. My quest has ended. Located inside the Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel, the 1944 Mai Tai made by the good folks at Tiki’s Grill & Bar will be waiting for you – so go get one. Using Cruzan Estate Light Rum, Myers Dark Rum, Orange CuraƧao, Orgeat Syrup and fresh lime juice, this stellar concoction is then topped with what they call a Naval Passion Fruit Foam. I love passion fruit but I'm not a fan of foamy stuff in my drinks or on my food, but, this foam, made with Licor43 (a Spanish liqueur made of fruit juices and vanilla, among other ingredients), passion fruit puree, pasteurized egg whites, and the juice of a lemon, is killer. This iteration avoids the sticky sweet cheap versions you find everywhere (believe me, I found them) and it ain’t a fruity one sip wonder: you get the mellow rum, a hit of tangy citrus from the juices and the delicate addition of passion fruit seals the deal, adding a flavor dimension, and makes this mai tai immensely drinkable. It's an excellent libation which celebrates the tropical nature of Hawaii, but with mature non-touristy flavors. I love this version and I drank it every chance I got. So make your vacation better by visiting Tiki’s in Waikiki and savor this excellent Mai Tai. Tiki's Grill and Bar
$9/ 8-9 oz – Alc: Who’s counting, but after two of them you’ll be seeing sunsets.
5 Bonz – Man’s Best Friend

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