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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Most Likely to Succeed - Boozehoundz’s Most Popular of 2015

As a writer I certainly have my favorite articles out of the myriad number of I’ve written throughout 2015 - witty, urbane writing, or so I lead myself to believe. Yet every year I am surprised by which articles you, the reader, actually prefer to read. So here are Boozehoundz’s most popular of 2015 as chosen by readers from across the globe. So read up, and drink up!

Summer Sauvignon Blanc
Far and away the single most popular wine article I wrote for all of 2015 across multiple venues. Originally penned for The Hollywood Reporter, I suppose the unrelenting summer heat helped propel this one to the top of the rankings. What’s ironic is that Sauvignon Blanc is one of my least favorite wines. Go figure.

Boarish: Gary Eberle’s Big Ass Award
I’ve known Gary Eberle for many years, judge with him at wine competitions, have written about him and his wines and have been a part of his Winemaker’s Cook-off each August as a guest judge in Paso Robles for a number of years (incidentally the coolest wine event all year – get you some tickets). So when he won a big award, well, no surprise, and no surprise that this article placed Number 2.

Drink Like an Irishman
St. Patrick’s day is always a booze fest and this article of all thing Irish, also originally written for The Hollywood Reporter, took the Number 3 spot and why not? Killer Irish whiskey, Irish Cream, Irish Coffee, even Irish Cheese – this is your one-stop Emerald Isle in a bottle sort of thang.

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