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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Plunging Into Cabernet

Cabernet Sauvignon is either really expensive, or really cheap – the middle ground seems to be a shadowy world of occasional Cabs no one has heard of and no one can seem to find. The really expensive ones are $200-$300 in many cases, and I've had many of those, and they're good but not always great. Let’s face it – buying wine should not be like playing roulette – we want some assurance that our money won’t go down the drain. The cheap ones are just that; cheap, fruity, Jolly Rancher sweet, tedious, dull…well you get the point. So I'm very pleased to discover the Plungerhead 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon from Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma for, ahem $16. There is delightful oak, soft supple raspberry and red cherry fruit on this wine, a touch of vanilla and a simple acidity making for a very pleasant wine to drink. No, this is not some stunning phenomenal 100-point wine from Heitz, Caymus, or Silver Oak. It is exactly what it is intended to be - a terrific wine at a terrific price point, a wine made for most of us, one that will make you say, “Yeah, I’d buy this again.” So, for everyday drinking take the plunge and try this wine. THE OTHER GUYS

ORIGIN: Dry Creek Valley, California
PRICE: $16 - 750/ml
ALCOHOL: 14.5%

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