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Monday, June 16, 2014

Rum Running: The Bat from Cuba to Puerto Rico

Everyone knows Bacardi – the Cuban rum company, forced out of Cuba in the 1960, and now based in Puerto Rico, and their signature bat symbol. They are the world leader in rum, making a wide variety of iterations, from the basic white rum, all the way to their newest revelation, the Facundo line of aged sipping rums. They have been at rum making since 1862. These are the top tier of the Bacardi line and their master blender had over 200 blends to work with. 

The Facundo rums are highly allocated and prices range from $45 to $250, so you need to be a rum lover if you’re going to fork over that amount of cash. I had the great fortune to obtain these rums originally for a Father’s Day Gift Guide in The Hollywood Reporter (see that article here: THR) of which I wrote about the Exquisito. But all of these dark rums (the Facundo line also has a white rum called Neo) are wonderful in their own right and I highly recommend them.

Eximo - A 10 year aged smooth rum with a nutty quality,
mocha and toffee, sweet almond and a slight citrus back note.

A blend of rums aged from 7 to 23 year this medium bodied iteration is silky smooth with toasted almonds, sweet oak, a deep resin note and a playful bite.

After laying down for 23 years this is ready for sipping. There is sweet oak, molasses and brown sugar, almond and resin culminating in a silky and earthy rum.

Additionally, if you ever visit Puerto Rico , San Juan specifically, you can tour the Bacardi facility across the bay. The tour is a little theatrical in parts but it’s still worth the time to get a feel for the history of this company, sample some rum and enjoy the island. 

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